Understanding Hispanic Culture

The US Hispanic population is rapidly becoming the target for many businesses. It’s been noted to be the fastest-growing ethnic group and going by the current growth rate of 167% compared to non-Hispanics, they will amount to 29% of the total U.S. population by 2050. Taking a closer look at the persona of these people obviously puts you in an edge to tap into the market potential effectively. The best way to achieve that is by understanding key characteristics of Hispanic Culture.

They are tight-knit and family-led

Hispanics grow with cultures that bind them together from a young age. Weekly family gatherings, cumpleañoscarnavales and other social gatherings among others, are on record for strengthening family ties. This makes Latinos share posts on Facebook and other social media five times more, compared to non-Hispanics.

They are also 35% likelier to follow through links shared by their relatives. Investigation shows over 18% of them tend to use YouTube to seek purchasing advice.

Religious celebrations

Although specific Hispanic cultures have different traits, Latinos have many things in common when it comes to music, literature and language, traditions, legends and idioms, as well as cuisine, history and religious beliefs. Navidad (Christmas,) is one of the extremely important religious celebrations amongst Hispanics that a business can take advantage of.

Special observances

There are several dates, months and Holidays considered of great importance among Hispanic communities. Some include:

  • Dia de las Madres -observed in the month of May,
  • Dia del Trabajo – May 1st ,
  • Dia de los Reyes Magos – January 6th
  • and the Hispanic Heritage Month that runs from September 15 to October 15.

These are just some characteristics in the road to understanding Hispanic culture that will definitely provide solid marketing wisdom and strategies that a company can use to sucessfully connect with them online.

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