This is sure to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship…
Hola! My name is HOP, my blood is Latin, my culture is engraved in my heart and I am passionate about marketing. I’m fluent in both English and Spanish, but have to admit I have a thing for Hispanics.
13 years ago I decided to create a Group for my friends and me, and have since then called it HOP Group.

A little about the Group:

  • Everyone works with every project from a different perspective, offering their expertise and opinions. I make sure the final strategy improves in every step of the way.
  • We’re not about shallow relationships. We first learn about your goals, challenges, plans, timeframes, market…simply put, we become one of your company’s closest friends.
  • Just as we are not about shallow relationships, we are all about long lasting ones. Those that provide both you and us with growth and success.
  • The Group eats and breaths everything there is to know about Hispanics, it’s in our DNA, our family’s DNA and our culture’s DNA. The Group works to broaden your market, strengthen your brand, ultimately offering you, what I know for a fact you value the most in a relationship: increase revenue and market share within Hispanics.
  • The Group talks the talk and walks the walk, we are all bilingual.

Who’s HOP’s better half?



Her name is Guadalupe Agencia and she is a creative and original Latina. Throughout her years she has been known by her friends as an out of the box thinker and that’s why HOP asked her to be his better half. Between HOP’s digital expertise and Guadalupe’s mind blowing ideas they are the best couple to lead this amazing Group of professionals.

And now you know the Group, Guadalupe and me, but there is one more thing that I know will sweep you off your feet.

My name HOP means Hands on Practice, I am the most fortunate brand out there. I’m here everyday with the Group and Guadalupe to remind them that our reason for existing is only you: our client; who I personally like to call friend.
I make sure things get done with you, your brands and your company at our heart’s best interest. Yeah…..I admit it, I’m just a romantic brand.

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