Consulting Project

My own secret sauce to understand Hispanics. I bet it’s just what you are looking for.
The way I see it is there are over 60 million human beings that make up the US Hispanic market, and if you are not connecting with them you are missing out big time. Ouch! That’s less money for your company.
I am the type of brand who hates when clients are not making all the dough and so, decided to talk to my Group and figure out a way to help you identify opportunities, understand the market and figure out what you need to do to start collecting on that delicious 1.7 trillion dollar market pie. And the best part is we do the leg work and give you the recipe for success with Hispanics. Come on board and don’t think it over, what have you got to lose?

Now you ask:

What’s this consulting project all about?

We’ve put it together in 3 steps. It can’t be any more clear than that!

Step 1: Diagnosis
It’s important to start at the beginning, and our beginning is you. The Group gathers background info, Hispanic market analysis, context, growth indicators and current presence to start the adventure.
Step 2: Market Research
Now let’s look into Hispanics. The Group goes ahead and profiles the Hispanics you are looking for and finds opportunities within them; not in general but specifically aimed at your brand.
Step 2 (continued): Benchmarking
Didn’t your mom teach you to learn from your older brother, as he is wiser? Well that’s what we do, what are your industry leaders doing?
Step 3: Action Plan
Before we start baking the cake we need a strategy, one that will keep us on course no matter the challenges throughout the way.
Step 3 (continued): Action Plan
Time to get dirty and get that cake in the oven!!!! Creative, Content, TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Website, SEO, SEM, Social Media….my mouth is watering just by thinking about it.
The Result
A successful roadmap with a detailed strategy to connect your brand with Hispanics.