Behind a great man, there is always an amazing woman. Guadalupe (remember, my better half?) and I, give a new meaning to our client’s strategy and creative thinking. No matter your product or your market, each campaign is carefully tailored to speak your audience’s language and even more, to reach them just as a pair of close friends would. Yeap! We are just irresistible.

So how do we do it?

Our resulting strategies and ideas take into account the many different faces of Hispanics.

Cultural background
There are over 21 Latin countries and they are all represented in over 60 million people, who make up the US Hispanic population. We analyze your vertical and your demographics to identify the type of communication that will be effective.
What drives them
First? second? or third generation Hispanics? We are part of them and understand the subtle and not so subtle differences of each subgroup. What’s the point of just translating a general market campaign if it’s not going to resonate with the Hispanics you are interested in?
It’s not just Spanish, it’s what it means
Translating can be tricky. We go beyond the words and identify in our strategy the true meaning of the messages your brand is going to communicate.
It’s all about family and brands have to be aware of this crucial component in Hispanic culture. Our strategies and creative aim to get as close as possible to our audience.
We show up at the right party
It’s not about print, or radio, or TV, or social media, or search engines, it’s about Hispanic trends, their taste for different media and where they like to invest their time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
The final objective: to stand out
Our strategy & creative are the bottom to take your brand to the next level within Hispanics. You already know what that means to your company! Don’t you?