Here’s the bread and butter of Hispanics: they are totally digital savvy. Hispanics love their phones, love to communicate with their family and friends through social media and are more likely to become loyal to a brand that is present in their day to day digital activities. And this is exactly what me and my Group are best at! It’s time your brand starts taking over that 1.7 trillion dollar pie that Hispanics hold in their hands.

So what is it that we do in digital?

You’re gonna love it!

Strategy before channel
Digital is a whole new universe, but many times technology overcasts a shadow I don’t personally like on a brand’s objectives. This is why each and every digital project starts from strategy, it’s our guiding light so our brands don’t get lost in what the digital world has to offer.
The correct brand awareness
So what if you get a zillion likes from the wrong kind of people!!!! Not good. My response to that is audience, audience, and audience. We carefully tailor each digital strategy taking into account the most important factor: the exact audience your brand is interested in.
Measurable results
KPIs. That word means the world in digital and the Group focuses on the right ones since the beginning of each project.
Social Media
We cover it all, content strategy, development, promoting, follow up and repeat. The Group’s social media strategies create a positive impact throughout social media channels, whatever your brand’s goal is.
Search Engines
It’s all about Google and the Group is just in love with it. SEO and SEM are the ingredients of our strategies here. BTW there’s a lot of ground to still conquer in the realm of Spanish Google in the US. Don’t miss out on it!
Inbound Marketing
As a Hubspot Partner we are in love with your customers and so we develop Inbound Strategies whenever needed. On top of it we can get you on board the Hubspot platform if that’s what you are looking for. Want to learn more about Hubspot? Just let me know, I would be thrilled to talk about it with you.