The US Hispanic Market: 3 Reasons for Specific Marketing

The multifaceted nature of the US Hispanic market requires that all marketing campaigns chosen to attempt reaching this demographic are all tailored to suit it. The Hispanic community in the United States has a number of attributes that have to be taken into consideration before any attempt is made to formulate a formidable marketing strategy.

These attributes in need of examination are important in that they will help you know what the needs of the US Hispanic market are and the best ways to fulfill them. The following three attributes provide reasons why this market requires specific marketing campaigns.

The Hispanic Market is very diverse

Beyond being a large community that represents up to 18% of the United States population, Hispanics are also a very diverse community that incorporates groups of varied descent and heritage be it Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc. Despite having a number of fundamental similarities that cut across all Hispanics, each group has a number of unique needs and expectations. A successful marketing campaign would have to acknowledge the little nuances that exist between Hispanic groups instead of relying on “one shoe fits all” approach that will be ineffective.

The bilingual nature of Hispanics

55% of Hispanics are bilingual with all indications showing that this percentage is getting higher with every generation. 96% of Hispanics under the age of 18 are bilingual. According to Nielsen, this Hispanic bilingual population is divided into Spanish-dominant (19%) and English-dominant (27%). Given the high percentage of bilingual individuals in the US Hispanic market, using a marketing strategy that only uses English will alienate a lot of Hispanics which is definitely not the intention. It is, therefore, important for marketers to find a way of blending both Spanish and English to facilitate effective communication.

The importance of family ties

The mainstream marketing style that targets the needs of the individual will not have the desired impact on Hispanics. Hispanic consumer patterns are largely influenced by a need to fulfil the needs of the family before those of the self. Marketing strategies that purpose to demonstrate how a product can be beneficial to the whole family are those that end up being successful.

The US Hispanic market has a number of specific needs that have to be met by all interested marketers who wish to penetrate it. This will require specific tailor-made campaigns which is the only way to win their hearts.

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