What is Latino culture & why should it matter to companies?

What is Latino Culture and Why Should it Matter to Companies?

Latino culture comprises of the customs and traditions of the latinoamericano or the US ethnic group with Latin American roots. Latinos or Hispanics, who by July 1, 2015 amounted to 56.6 million or 17.6% of the US population, come from diverse economic, geographic and social backgrounds. However, they possess strong similarities in their cultural trends and family heritage.

The million-dollar question for companies wanting to tap into this market is, “what is latino culture, and of what significance is this, to marketing strategies?” Below are some of the major factors that define the Latino culture in relation to the market opportunity:

Language Heritage

The Spanish language is one of the most common characteristic of Hispanic American culture. In fact, a trend is seen whereby in the 1980’s, only 11 million Spanish speakers were on record in the U.S. However, the number increased to 38 million by the year 2012. This is because Latino families actively pass down their language heritage to succeeding generations. Therefore, companies should develop strategies that take into account this bilingual trait.

Entertainment and Media

Hispanics come together in large numbers during their celebrations. They like taking photos and videos during their get-together functions. Companies should follow up with their online postings in YouTube and social media, as most of their online uploads attract huge viewership, and you can use such platforms to market various products and services.

Family Life

Latin American culture esteems family gatherings, with grandparents playing a significant role in the upbringing of their grandchildren. This behavioral characteristic extends even to social media platforms, making Latinos easy to click on links shared by their relatives or fellow tribesmen -something that online marketers can capitalize on.

With states like California, Texas and Florida hosting 14 million, 10 million and 4 million Hispanic and Latino Americans, respectively -understanding the question: “what is latino culture?” acts as the key to the Hispanic opportunity.

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