Engaging Hispanic Millennials through understanding the Hispanic Culture

Marketers are spending most of their time discussing the importance of Hispanic millennial consumers more than any other thing. The focus on this group is meaningful since the Hispanic millennials are just about to unlock their purchasing power. In the wake of this revelation, marketers of various brands are forced to come up with appealing marketing strategies to attract a chunk of these super consumers.

According to Forbes, more than 40% of Hispanics in the U.S are Millennials, and more than 25% of Millennials are Hispanic. Therefore, it’s important for marketers to understand the cultural values of this segment and what drives their purchasing behavior.

Always remember the importance of family ties and heritage

They aren’t like their parents who believed in blending and fitting in. They are proud of Hispanic culture. Despite the fact that most of Hispanic Millennials were born in America, they still hold dear Hispanic culture and customs.

They still value their Hispanic music, food, and family traditions. Research done by Forbes indicates that only 33% of second generation Hispanics identify themselves as America first; the rest identify themselves as Hispanic first.

Marketers trying to reach these demographics shouldn’t try too hard to be “Spanish” instead, the advertisements need to portray the diversity that the Hispanic millennials see within themselves.

Be bilingual

Although Hispanic Millennials recognize and appreciate their culture, they also express a strong preference for English as their primary language of communication. Various studies indicate that at least 94% of Hispanic millennials are more likely to respond to marketing messages displayed in English.

The main challenge for marketers is to strike a healthy bilingual balance between English and Spanish. Most importantly, you have to find suitable ways of integrating Hispanic culture with English language to influence them in a positive way.

Keep in mind that Hispanics are Open to Spontaneity

Most of them prefer to experience the product before they buy it. They value experience and they are more likely going to make up their mind on whether to buy or not based on the first impression they get from you.

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