English or Spanish for hispanic content marketing?

Over the course of time, marketers have had to struggle with figuring out the best way to communicate with the modern-day Latino population. Hispanic content marketing in the present age presents the challenge of whether to communicate with the target population using either English or Spanish. What makes this a challenge is the bilingual nature of the modern-day Latino population in the United States; a phenomenon that has been found to cut across the diverse Hispanic communities in varying degrees. Companies wishing to develop content that has the widest reach will have to figure out the best way to communicate it and which language to communicate it in.

Bicultural nature of the Hispanic community

A large percentage of the Hispanic community can speak both English and Spanish. This largely comprises both American-born Latinos and Native-born Latinos who have learned to embrace the bicultural nature of their heritage. Studies conducted in the Hispanic community have found that;

  • 55% of Latinos are bilingual while 96 percent of Latinos under the age of 18 are bilingual as well.
  • 27 percent of this population is English-dominant while 19 percent is Spanish-dominant.

The need to be able to speak both languages is due to the demand to shift between their native and adopted cultures with ease. What is interesting is despite these cultural changes, both languages remain profoundly important to the Hispanic community.

Which language should be used?

The best approach to Hispanic content marketing is to blend the two languages instead of relying on one of them or using the two languages independently. Companies that have chosen to make use of a combination of the two languages when trying to appeal to Latinos have benefited from increased consumer interest during their ad-campaigns. This approach can be utilized in Hispanic content marketing to very impressive results.

Why use the two languages?

Both languages can be meshed together because most Latinos are of the opinion that English and Spanish blend naturally and complement each other. Businesses that wish to get a foothold on the Hispanic market will, therefore, have to take a bilingual approach to have the widest reach.

While many Latinos are proud of their native language, they do recognize the practical benefits of being able to speak English fluently. This is a market with plenty of potentials and a bilingual approach to Hispanic content marketing will work for as long as they speak both languages.

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