How Latinos Influence Marketing Trends

Latino culture in America has had a considerable influence on how Marketers develop their strategies. Given the meteoric rise in both population and buying power witnessed amongst members of this community, a lot of effort and research has now gone into figuring out the best ways to appeal to this market. The fact that the Latino community is a very large community whose consumer patterns are heavily influenced by its culture has had a significant impact in the way marketers approach new markets as rarely do they encounter similar populations. The ways in which Marketing trends were influenced by the Latino culture in America include:

Reconsidering supposedly homogenous markets

The initial marketing strategies meant to penetrate the Latino market adopted a “one shoe fits all” approach that did not take into consideration the fact that the Latino community has many subgroups that all have different individual cultures, tastes, and preferences. Simply put, despite culture having a strong influence on their purchasing patterns, the Latino community is not a homogenous market. It is important to go deep into large communities to identify the small differences and nuances that exist amongst these small communities. The information you get will enable you to develop a more comprehensive and effective marketing approach.

A bilingual approach

Latinos living in America have to contend with juggling both their native Hispanic culture and the adopted American culture. This state of affairs has resulted in the majority of Latinos being bilingual. Given the fact that a significant number of Latinos are Spanish-dominant, a bilingual approach was necessary to adequately communicate with all Latinos so that nobody was left out. Latino culture in America highlighted the need to combine advertisements done in English with those done in the native tongue of consumers.

The pace of transformation

Despite being exposed to the American culture, the Latino community has largely maintained their culture for many years now. While there are some changes observed amongst younger Latinos as evidenced by the fact that 96% of Latinos under the age of 18 are bilingual, the most important aspects of Latino culture beyond language are still being passed down generation to generation.

Latino culture in America has helped to set trends that inform the best away to appeal to large communities that have a few fundamental similarities yet have many differences under the surface.

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