Choosing the Best Approach for Marketing to Hispanics

The Hispanic population is the new battlefront for brand and revenue growth. The 56.6 Million strong segment of the American population with a growing purchasing power guided by a multi-cultural taste is quite an enticement to many marketing, digital marketing and sales directors. There is widespread discussion within marketing and branding guru circles on developing the best online strategies to win over more Hispanics and utilize effective online strategies in marketing to Hispanics. Forbes has identified marketing to Hispanics as the opportunity for the last real growth for companies and their brands. AHAA has also laid emphasis on the unavoidable influence of the Hispanic consumer, raising the stakes when it comes to marketing to Hispanics.

This reality therefore demands for companies to choose the best approaches to ensure successful Hispanic marketing strategies. Below are a few top tips:

Understand the Cultural Inclination of Hispanics

Hispanics are deeply culture oriented. Their family, education, religion and business lives are tied to their cultural inclinations and any serious marketer won’t ignore the same. Marketing to Hispanics requires a sense of understanding for their cultural values and how they can be connected to the brand to ensure sufficient interest and eventual brand loyalty. Even though every consumer wants a cheaper product than the competing brand, Hispanics also look out for products that they will connect well with and guarantee quality for their households. Brands such as McDonald’s and AT&T have utilized cultural recognition to reap big among Hispanic consumers.

Target the Right Hispanic Sub-Group

Different sub-groups within Hispanic consumers will have different needs and a different consumer behavior. Teens and young adults who now have a greater online presence will require methods that are different from those of the older generation. Marketing to Hispanic millennials will also require more focused strategies as well as marketing to Hispanic women, both groups of which are showing great influence in Hispanic consumer behavior and trends.

Utilize Services from Expert Companies

It’s OK for a marketing company to be big and famous, but that’s no guarantee for its competence in Hispanic marketing. Some of them just pick their popular advertisements and translate them from English to Spanish, occasioning huge losses for their clients. When it comes to Hispanic marketing, clients need companies that are well versed with the area, who will assure to drive in new Latino customers and turn a company’s online channels into magnets specifically aimed at Hispanics.

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