Using Spanglish is the way to go in your Hispanic Communication

Most English-speaking U.S Hispanics are bilingual. They often switch between languages or borrow English words and put them into Spanish, making Spanglish language. Hispanic communication is changing and with the growing number of speakers, they can no longer be ignored by marketers. According to AHAA, Hispanic millennials and the boomers possess distinctive consumer purchasing patterns and use Spanglish. […]

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The Significance of Reaching the Hispanic Market Online

Businesses and marketers in the United States are taking notice, as Hispanics continue to be the fastest growing segment of the population. Knowing that this opportunity exists is great but learning how to seize it is what will determine your company’s success. What good is being aware that droves of potential customers are out there […]

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5 Growth Indicators in the Hispanic Market Opportunity

Today, the Hispanic population has a purchasing power valued at more than $1.5 trillion. This presents a market opportunity that marketers, digital marketers and sales directors are scrambling to get a cut for their brands and companies. There have been prominent pointers that the Hispanics present one market opportunity with the potential to drive sales […]

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Maximize your Hispanic Advertising Efforts: Be Innovative

Traditional advertising is not working anymore in the general population and this resonates even more with the Hispanics market segment. There are critical questions for today’s business and marketing executives in this rapidly changing technological advertising space that can only be matched by novel advertising strategies. This include value for consumer’s money, whether a brand […]

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3 traits of hispanic communication styles

Companies that target the American Hispanic community through online strategies need to be cognizant of the unique qualities that cut across all Latino groups. A thorough analysis of these similarities will enable them to figure out any mistakes that they may be making while communicating with a community that currently represents over 18% of the […]

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Hispanic advertising: What does it mean?

It’s evident that Hispanics are the epicenter of growth in the US. They are composed of a large population and are endowed with amazing purchasing capabilities. Large enterprises have termed the Latinos as the future of business in America. Though they look appealing to most businesses, they are highly inclined to culture, and social classes with […]

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