How Your Business Can Reach the Hispanic Market Through Music, Food and Family

There are numerous ways businesses can generate more interest and revenue from the Hispanic market in the United States. But to get the most bang for your buck, the key is tapping into Hispanic culture so you can focus on what matters to this segment the most. Hispanics living in the United States predominantly come from 21 different countries with a diverse set of backgrounds. Appealing to this wide range of people through your various campaigns is a daunting task. However, it can be done by concentrating on the handful of values that unite most Hispanics, no matter their country of origin: music, food and family.


By incorporating these three values into your marketing campaigns, you will be able to connect with Hispanics on a deeper emotional level. Music, food and family are tied to one another to make up the very being that you are trying to reach. Focusing on any or all of these values will help your business speak to the core of this market. Music and food play a central role in the overall Hispanic family dynamic. Hispanics use food and music as natural devices to feel closer and more connected to their families. This is no more evident than witnessing the many dinners, family parties and cultural celebrations that take place that are extremely important to Hispanic traditions.

These values not only allow Hispanics to feel more connected to their families, but they literally keep them together. With so many Hispanics coming to the United States leaving behind their native countries, these values are the glue that allow first, second, third, etc. generations to stay united with their homeland. They provide that sense of “true home” that new soil can’t offer on its own. No matter how assimilated a Hispanic immigrant becomes in the United States, the greatest feeling of belonging will often continue to be to their background, which is best achieved through music, food and family. This strong culture has been established by their parents, grandparents and generations before. They lean on each other for emotional, physical and economical support, and transcend borders by continuing to provide this care even for the family that stayed behind when they moved to the U.S.

Many Hispanic households are also multi-generational, with three or more generations all living together under one roof. This lends itself to various creative strategies your business can use to reach someone in this market. For example, say your business wants to target an older Hispanic audience. You could also do so by using Spanish music through a younger channel like social media. According to a recent study by Pandora, 72% of Hispanic millennials connect to their heritage through Spanish music. This holds true even considering that most of these individuals are English-speaking dominant. So you can reach your target audience, through an adjacent group of people, via untraditional means, because these individuals are likely living with your target audience and interacting with them on a regular basis.

Marketing to Hispanics in the United States is a complex endeavor but offers exciting opportunities to use unique methods in your campaigns. And if done so correctly, can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line.


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