3 key characteristics of Hispanic Culture that can support your strategy

In the Hispanic community, culture is a thing to be embraced. Ever since Latino children are young, they are taught the virtue of respeto (respect) and dignidad (dignity) as far as their Hispanic heritage is concerned; this is one of the characteristics of Hispanic culture embraced by many. As the Latino people continue to influence the American culture, here are 3 key characteristics of Hispanic culture that you should know so as to relate to them better.

The Place of La Familia

When raised in a Hispanic family, you are taught to love and respect your family. The parents take care of the children as they grow up, but the roles are reversed as soon as the parents grow old and the children have a means of livelihood. There’s a deep connection between family members that cannot be broken even in the worst of economic, or health statuses.

Tradition and Religion

From one generation to the next, traditional beliefs are passed on. This includes naming ceremonies, and quinceañera among others. Music and baile (dance) are used to liven up these celebrations and bring family and friends together every now and then. Above all this, you should know that Hispanic people consider their faith and religion a big part of who they are. Most of them are Catholics who believe and pray to Virgins and Jesusand acknowledge celebrations such as cuaresma.

Hispanic Social Cues

Their culture is characterized by loving and respectful gestures that include welcoming guests to their homes with open arms because like they say; mi casa es su casa. They use respectful titles like Don/Dona, when addressing their elders.

Understanding characteristics of Hispanic culture like the ones we discussed above can open up the way to connect better with them when marketing to this target.


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