Do’s and Don’ts of the Latino Market: 4 Tips for the Best Approach

The justified buzz in the marketing world for a slice of the Latino market calls for much more effort in developing focused content and using strategies that can attract and retain Latino customers. An almost 60 million strong customer segment with an evidently increasing purchasing power needs more than just simple translations of marketing content from English to Spanish. Marketing and sales directors are constantly on the lookout for specialized approaches that can help them tap into the lucrative Latino market customer base.

Here are four tips to help start off:

Use a Multi-Cultural Approach

As mentioned above, direct translations of adverts from English to Spanish are a pitfall to avoid. It’s common knowledge that these mainstream English ads take a lot of resources to develop and rollout, but marketers who think that the next step is a simple translation to Spanish will be in for a rude shock. Latinos have deep cultural inclinations that inform their choices and attachments to brands. A multi-cultural approach that identifies the particular Latino population is more likely to earn huge gains for a brand.

Target Latino Millennials

Avoid content that seeks to reach the entire population with just one ad. Instead, marketers should develop content and strategies focused on different segments of the general Latino population. One such segment is their millennials, a sub-group with an increasing disposable income and taste that is making many brands salivate. Their multi-cultural taste and mobility is something that any serious brand out there will want to take advantage of.

Target Latino Women

Just like in almost all other societies, women empowerment among the Latinos is key to informing the purchasing decisions of households. Latino women want quality products for their households, not just something cheap. Marketers should avoid thinking that their men will call all the purchasing shots. Latino women make key household decisions and, therefore, require content they can adequately connect with to convince them to buy.

Utilize Expert Advice

Forbes has continued to warn marketers against utilizing Total Market strategies fueled by the fact that many Latinos are now U.S born. These approaches will fail terribly and drive huge losses to the concerned brands. The Latino market requires specialized market advice and approaches, and this can only be provided by companies with such expertise. Utilize the services of companies that can turn your brand’s online strategies into magnets that can be profitable among the Latinos.

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