Takeaways from the Culture Marketing Council’s 2019 Annual Summit

HOP Group recently attended the Culture Marketing Council’s 2019 Annual Summit in Dallas, TX. The idea-driven conference brought together some of the best strategic and creative minds in the multicultural marketing industry to discuss trends and share best practices. Representatives from some of the most successful brands, agencies, media companies and content creators discussed cultural shifts, projections on where the market is heading and how advertisers can stay ahead to continue to tap into and resonate with this ever-growing segment of the population. It was an extremely productive event featuring topics that included:


Attendees discussed what motivates multicultural audiences and how to develop content relevant to them. A key takeaway was crafting messages on Twitter that focuses on making this segment feel recognized and respected.

Consumer Mindset and Brand Growth

Today’s fast-paced digital world makes it difficult for brands to stand out among the crowd. Brand growth strategies are evolving in a world of unstable attention spans and demand for authenticity. Technology and creative can effectively connect purpose-driven brands with audiences in all industries more than ever before.

Culture-Driven Storytelling

In an on-demand world of videos and images, each story matters. Hispanic consumers crave content that is authentic but also uniquely reflects native US-Hispanic culture. Marketers have a major role in celebrating, creating and empowering that culture. The opportunity lies in culturally driven content that’s both completely American and completely Hispanic.

The Power of Latinas

Latinas are the foundation of Hispanic marketing because they are the gatekeepers to the family. As moms and individuals, they are one of the most important consumers in the market. Latinas have evolved in the last 10 years and advertisers need to adapt their strategies and efforts to reach them effectively.

Keeping a Pulse on the Future

Shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors are transforming the marketplace and impacting society at a rapid rate. Micro-audiences and communities are often the ones leading these changes. Identity is evolving and trends around technology are playing a significant role.

Advertising to the Hispanic market in the United States is a constantly moving target. HOP Group stays abreast of the latest trends and has a live feed into Hispanic culture to help your business connect and have success with this increasing significant section of the populace.

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