How these 3 companies became top hispanic brands

The Latino population in the United States is expected to grow by almost three percent each year for the next decade. More importantly, this demographic will expand into every state and city in the country. This surge in growth represents a tremendous opportunity for companies willing to specifically market to this demographic. These top hispanic brands are three examples of companies that have accepted this challenge and are already seeing tremendous returns on their efforts:

McDonald’s – Often portrayed as a simple purveyor of mass-produced meals for regular folks (regardless of ethnicity), this company is actually quite sophisticated in its marketing efforts. For example, it employs three separate marketing directors each focused on a different demographic. The one tasked with marketing to the Hispanic market has helped to introduce meals that cater to the Latino palette and has also pioneered a series of “Spanglish” commercials on national TV as well as embracing Spanish social media channels with the “Me encanta” campaign.

Toyota Motor Corporation – No matter the culture, people seem to love to name things that really do not need a name. Toyota targets this penchant in the Hispanic community with its “Más Que Un Auto” (More than a Car) campaign. Our favorite is the commercial that features the guy renaming his ten-year old Toyota as “El Milagroso (The Miraculous) – a wonderful and heartfelt way to point out his love for a cherished car that has provided him with dependable transportation for a decade or more.

Denny’s – Without a doubt, Denny’s “Rojo, blanco y azul” commercial is one of the funniest and most entertaining videos to arrive in the last decade. With its references to the Maya, Don Quixote and the “ancient” 1970s combined with a solid reggaeton beat, this marketing campaign solidly grabs the attention of every Hispanic from Baby-Boomers through GenXers to Millennials. In addition, the look that the two kids give each other at the end of the video is priceless.

As you can see, there are multiple, innovative ways to approach the burgeoning Latino market from an advertising perspective. For more information on marketing opportunities available to companies looking to penetrate this market and what they are missing by ignoring it, please contact us at HOP Group. We can be found online at or reached directly at 954.990.0832.

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