Understanding Hispanic American Preferences to Attract this Market Segment

Hispanic Americans have become a force to reckon with in the American consumer space. Brands are outcompeting each other to market to Hispanics and reap from a population group well known for brand loyalty and distinct multicultural taste. Different sub-groups within the Hispanic Americans such as teens, millennials, and women are marking their place in their consumer spaces which is helping inform crucial marketing strategies. When developing high-quality content to drive sales and earn revenue for your brand and company, it’s important to have a clear-minded approach to ensure that targets are met and new customers are acquired.

The Fastest Growing Consumer Group in the U.S.

With their current population placed at 56.6 million, Hispanic Americans represents a promising marketing opportunity for companies and brands. Pew Research Center places their numbers as more than 18% of the total U.S population, making the case for a sub-group with rising purchasing power that all marketers and sales directors are scrambling for a cut. They’re touted as the next marketing feat for companies.

Invest in Market Research

Organizations such as AHAA and Pew Hispanic churn out critical Hispanic American consumer research and insights every year. They generate key data, reports and insights that are quite helpful for marketers, digital marketers and sales directors to use in preparing their marketing strategies and content. This can help avoid treating the Hispanic American market segment like the rest of the population, because this group requires expert and focused marketing as opposed to direct translation of content from English to Spanish.

Preferences are guided by Nation Group and Heritage

When targeting a particular market sub-segment of Hispanic Americans, it’s important to first understand their main national affiliation. Different groups in different states originated from different countries and this informs their cultures and the context in which they will interpret marketing content and respond to it. When content has not been focused sufficiently, it’s possible for marketers to advertise content that is more suited for Hispanics of Puerto Rican origin in a state whose main group is of Central American origin.

Utilize Expert Services

There are companies that have devoted a lot of resources in maximizing content for marketing, digital marketing and sales directors who have deep knowledge of marketing but are not specialized in the Hispanic market. These can come in handy to help drive a company’s online strategies to drive a brand’s growth among Hispanic consumers.

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