Hispanic advertising: What does it mean?

It’s evident that Hispanics are the epicenter of growth in the US. They are composed of a large population and are endowed with amazing purchasing capabilities. Large enterprises have termed the Latinos as the future of business in America. Though they look appealing to most businesses, they are highly inclined to culture, and social classes with effective Hispanic advertising needs going beyond just advertising or marketing. There’s need to understand what works well for this population.


Considering they have faced bad media portrayal, racism, stereotypes and the fact that most of this population is made of immigrants, there’s a need for business to be careful with the language, content, and presentation when undertaking Hispanic advertising.

It’s also important to realize that most of this population is bilingual with over 23% of US Hispanics speaking Spanish exclusively at home, 77% speak at least some Spanish at home, and only 53% can speak good English.

Therefore, ads that are presented in the Spanish language will be more effective. Spanish language television channels are the best with this market segment. The Hispanic advertising that uses their language has been seen to be relatable, easy to understand; they are credible and more believable. The Hispanics also find them to be memorable and efficient. Language is key in having an effective Hispanic advertising.


In ads, the Hispanics look for brand uniqueness, trust, credibility, and commonality, ability to solve needs, intention, and motives. They don’t fall for anything that is represented to them; the appealing brands that make a lasting impression generate sales and have chances of being a favorite brand.

Hispanics also have the tendency to like the ads that link the messaging with drama. Using proper visual and verbal talent appropriate will increase the reception and conversion of the ad’s message. Hispanic men like ads that portray them as “heroes” and “avoiding embarrassment” while women like the ads that show them spend quality time with family, and their aspiration to look young and attractive.

Ads with long blind lead-ins were reported to be a no for the Hispanics, but those with their brand being presented within the first half of the commercial was seen to be appealing.

Therefore, Hispanic advertising isn’t a simple marketing strategy; businesses need to allocate adequate time to research and understanding this market segment. It’s dynamic and sensitive, but the appealing brands will enjoy significant conversion and profits.

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