Custom Website Development

All companies are different, and so should be their websites. In HOP Group we focus on the needs over the programming. If it is needed we will get it done, which is why we never work with templates. Our bilingual custom website development services include:

  • Mobile Friendly

Technology is an ever-changing subject. In today’s world it is not enough to have a website up and running, it is crucial to make sure it is compatible with all types of devices. A site that looks perfect on a desktop or laptop computer, not necessarily looks the same way when viewed from an Ipad or Android phone – and this is just to name a couple of the many variations that exist for Mobile devices. This is where our senior programmers come in handy. We thoroughly analyze each client’s needs and objectives and recommend the best possible website.

Ever heard of responsive design sites? These are done with a type of programming that makes the site automatically adjust itself depending on the device it is being viewed from so that the user never misses a thing because it doesn’t load or it is too small to figure out what it is.

  • E-commerce Sites

It is time to start thinking about taking your sales online. All technological advances have opened the door to new trends in sales…. Online sales. There is no reason why you should be left out. Our programmers have designed and programmed E-commerce sites for the last ten years, if you have the idea we can develop the code. All our E-commerce projects are the result of detailed and thorough research, analysis and sales trends specific for each client’s industry.

We take care of linking your E-commerce site to Paypal (or equivalent) an set up all security protocols so your users experience a top notch site while being confident their information is in good hands. Shopping carts are custom made based on each client’s requirements and before launching extensive testing and demos are done with your team.

  • Custom Applications

Are you looking to monitor user interaction with your site? Want a gallery that auto updates? Need a special plugin so that you can trace specific indicators? These are all everyday requirements for our team. Each client’s website can include custom made plugins based on specific requirements; we always start from an idea to build the code. What would you like your website to include?

  • Conversions to Word Press

Are you happy with your current website, but wish you could be able to update images and content without the hassle of having to hire a company or freelancer to do so? Would you like to include an easy to manage blog directly into your site? Would you like your website to be up to date with the latest security updates almost automatically? These are just a few considerations that lead a business to want to convert their site to Word Press.

Word Press is a worldwide used CMS (Content Management System) with tons of available plugins that can complement your site. Our experienced programmers can custom design any type of Word Press site to adjust to your business specific needs, and best of all, make it very easy to update directly… almost as easy as using powerpoint. If this is not enough, HOP Group offers specific training sessions where you and your team will get hands on training on how to use your Word Press Custom Template.

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